This month, the House Appropriations Committee passed a bill out of their committee to provide funding for USAID for the 2023 Fiscal Year. Here were three things that stood out to us.
We’re convening next-generation entrepreneurs and innovators solving the biggest problems of our time for three days in Mexico City. Will we see you…
We're convening innovators, policymakers, and funders to reimagine what's possible. We hope to see you there.
Last month, Administrator Samantha Power challenged USAID and the development community to focus on "progress, not programs."
USAID Administrator Samantha Power spent Wednesday morning and afternoon in Congressional hearings in support of USAID's $29+ billion budget request…
Dear Unlock Aid community, Wow! Last week exceeded all expectations. We were so humbled – and inspired – by the passion and energy you all brought to…
This month, we announced a doubling of the size of our coalition. Now we get to work.
On Tuesday, a senior USAID official told Congress how the agency intends to work more closely with Global South organizations. This is what she said.
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